This is the new 2020 workshop calendar! The workshops will take place at Villa il Galero all year round!

We have worked hard to introduce you to different kinds of proposals such as: natural colour-dyeing, yoga, contemporary embroidery techniques, sensorial journeys through watercolours, prints on fabrics and painting on silk. The “fil rouge” of our practices is the use of colour which stimulates our inner creativity and the respect of nature in its circular cycle of the ‘no waste’ concept. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


We introduce you to the first workshop: “RI-TRATTO”, divided into two steps.

The two courses offer a cognitive path between hand-made techniques and the concept of life applied to a piece of clothing.  

In the first course, Paola Barzanò will introduce a colour chart with 5 representative colours, inspired by the colours of the interiors of Villa il Galero, into a colour palette. The participants will then dye their own item of clothing and some natural fibers, such as yarns and fabrics, that will later be used in the following course.

In the second course, with Denise Bonapace and Abitario, the participants will mend and embroide some imperfections if existing pieces of clothing and personalize the garment through classical and contemporary embroidery techniques (used in an unconventional way), using the previously dyed materials.

The result of the work will be a tailor-made manifesto of each individual’s personality: truly a portrait of taste and personality!

The two courses can be attended also separately.

Download here the whole presentation.

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