We are glad to introduce you to the second 2020 Workshop at Villa Il Galero: RI LETTO, divided into two modules: from 20th to 22th of March and from 8th to 10th of May. The purpose is to create an experience through a cognitive process using manual techniques and a way of living in the “no waste philosophy” applied to an important home textile, such as the bed linen which will be turned into table sets for a new and coloured table.

In the first module, you will design and cut the table sets and learn to dye with natural colours inspired by the famous nuances of Villa Il Galero interiors.
The practice of yoga will help to stimulate the inner creative force of each participant through different techniques. This module is held by Paola Barzanò and Roberto Lago Màrquez.

In the second module, the “0 waste” technique will be applied to transform the table sets (placemats, tablecloths, runners, etc…) in to a unique customised piece, using darning or embroidery techniques in an unconventional way. Held by Abitario team and Denise Bonapace.

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