Spring is in the air… Summer is near. Villa il Galero nests amongst the hills. A peaceful dwelling surrounded by nature… the scent of flowers, the spacious outdoor areas, the terrace, the greenery… The ancient olive trees and pool, hidden under the Rocca castle of Asolo. A place of charm and serenity, where the mind and body find peace and harmony between one another. Villa il Galero, a place where art, history, poetry and tradition merge within the pastel colours of its unique architecture and décor.

The comfortable luxury rooms, private studies, verandas, guarantee privacy and confidentiality. (visit the gallery and discover these places)


Asolo, the small, delightful medieval town has so much to offer. It’s restful amiable streets, the boundless views of greenery, and its breathtaking sunsets. Surrounded by meadows and woods, it’s a place where, by tradition, hospitality, warmth and fine dining are always treasured.

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