☙ Discover Asolo ❧

It is almost impossible to describe what a visit to Asolo can make one feel as architect  Manlio Brusatin said “it is a unique town where the houses speak for themselves“. You can experience the peaceful life in Asolo by strolling along the little pittoresque streets and admiring the old residences and arcades by the central square where you can find cafès, inns, shops and artisan boutiques.

It is easy to reach Asolo center from villa Il Galero. Next to the main Garibaldi square there is the cathedral where you can admire art works of Lorenzo Lotto and Jacopo da Ponte. At few steps from the cathedral you can find the Civic museum that hosts an interesting archeological section about the origins of Asolo town and a section dedicated to the most famous women who lived in Asolo: Caterina Cornaro queen of Cyprus, the famous actress Eleonora Duse and the English writer Freya Stark.


Walking southward you can see Freya Stark’s Villa, it is possible to visit its garden where there are some roman theatre ruins still visible. Walking northward you reach the queen Cornaro’s castle, the only queen who reigned during the venetian republic period, today the castle has been turned into a theatre. From here walking downward towards the Canova arcades you reach the house of Eleonora Duse.

If you continue the walk down, you can reach the church and the cemetery of Saint Anna where, Eleonora Duse (1858-1924) and Freya Stark (1893-1993) still lay.

From the central square passing through the Porta Colmarion you can climb up the 276 steps that take you to the Rocca fortress from the XII –XIII cent. From here you can admire an incredible view .

In order to visit the historical center of Asolo you can find numerous thematic itineraries.
For nature walkers and hikers there are numerous paths that bring you to the surrounding hills.

There are a few worth seeing traditional events such as:

  • The Antiques Market, every second Sunday of the month since 30 years.

  • The Music International Festival set in the stunning church of San Gottardo between August and September.

  • Concerts organized by Malipiero Music Institute dedicated to the composer.

  • The Open Air Arcipelago Music event, where music is played in the squares and village’s streets including children as well, it takes place every first Sunday in May.

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