The Family

The Rinaldi family has Germanic origins and arrived in Treviso in the 13th century following the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. They were important land and historic home owners throughout Treviso, Venice and the neighboring territories.
In 1800 a part of the family settled in the beautiful Villa Rinaldi in Casella d’Asolo.
One of the daughters of the last heir in the Rinaldi family branch married a De Lord of French origins and the names of the two families have remained united ever since.

In the years prior to the Second World War, Mariuccia Carosio, the daughter of an Italian engineer who had emigrated to Argentina (founder of Italcable), met her future husband, Rinaldo De Lord Rinaldi, while on vacation in Cortina.

Mariuccia Carosio married Rinaldo De Lord Rinaldi in 1940 and decided that their home would be the villa that she had always been so drawn to. The one bearing the name of the cardinals’ headpiece “Il Galero”, at the foot of Asolo’s fortress, fortuitously vacant at the time.
With great love, good taste and dedication, she further enhanced the interior spaces, gardens and surrounding park land of the villa to create an oasis of refined beauty where she raised her three children, Amedeo, Giovanni and Cristina. Over the years she hosted a great many guests and important figures from the world of the arts who loved spending time in the magical town of Asolo.

In the ‘1970s and ’80s, Rinaldo and Mariuccia’s grandchildren were born: Alessia, Delfina, Massimo, Geraldine and Bianca and the family got bigger.
Il Galero remains a point of reference for the entire family to this day. A place where they can be together and feel at home, protected by important values and traditions.

Presently, Cristina, along with her two daughters Alessia and Delfina, have decided to open the doors of their beloved villa to extend their hospitality to a sensitive public, able to grasp the exclusivity of its refined style in hopes that they will enjoy the pleasurable emotions that this uniquely lovely place offers.

The Guests

Among the most well-known visitors are musicians such as Richter, Martha Argerich, Bruno Giuranna, Gian Francesco Malipiero, Maria Joao Pires and Claudio Scimone, as well as the architects Carlo Scarpa and Oscar Niemeyer.
Another figure of the literary world who often spent her time among the walls of the villa, telling tales of her adventurous trips, is the famous English writer and close friend of the family, Freya Stark.
Among the regular guests always welcomed with warmth and friendship were Duchess Irene of Savoy Aosta along with her son the Duke of Aosta, Princess Claudia of France, Queen Elena of Romania and Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy.
In May of 1987 the Queen Mother of England came to lunch at ” the villa with pastel coloured stuccoes and walls”, and was surrounded by the inebriating scent of her favourite flowers during her visit: the centenarian roses.

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